Stoppani Saddles is currently accepting used saddles on consignment.


JRD Alma MW 18″

Used Custom JRD. Purchased new in 2011. This was made for a wide Andalusian mare. The tree measures 31cm between the tree points which would make it a wide-ish medium/wide. It is wool flocked and the flocking is in a nice shape. Just needs to be altered to your horse. It has a very wide channel as well. At least 4.5″ or more. This saddle has buffalo leather for the skirts and flap and french calf for the seat and knee rolls. It has a beautiful lavender welt as well. This saddle has the “Alma” tree and panels making it perfect for a flat backed horse with no withers ie. Andalusians, Lusitanos, some quarter horses, Halflingers etc. Trial Available. $2500

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2016 Jeffries Elite Narrow 17.5 WOOL PANELS

Ridden in a handful of times before personal circumstances forced the sale of the horse. Comes with a beautiful girth sized 52″, matching bridle with loose ring snaffle, and irons/leathers. $1500

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2011 County Connection 18 M/W WOOL PANELS

Purchased new for season or two then decided dressage wasn’t her thing. Has been covered and in the house for the last few years. $2100

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