Natalie Stoppani is the only CERTIFIED Saddle Fitter in the Sacramento Area.

Stoppani Saddles offers the following services at this time:

Call Fee/Travel Fee: All clients are subject to a call/travel fee of $50 within 50 miles of Placerville,CA . If there are 3 or more clients at a single location, call/travel fee is waived. Bay Area and Chico call fees are $75.

Saddle Fitting Evaluation of client’s saddle (this includes static and riding): $90   (additional saddles or horses $50 per)

Tracings: $50

Onsite spot flocking: $100 (if panels need to be dropped an additional $75 will be added)

Billet Replacement: $40 per billet. (If panels need to be dropped for access an additional $75 will be added)

Complete reflock (not done on site): $300

Air to wool conversion: $400

Foam to wool conversion: $400



A standard fit will be charged like so:

Travel: $50

Saddle Evaluation: $90

Spot Flock: $100

Total: $240

** This is not a guarantee that the above is the quoted price of YOUR fitting experience.