Natalie is a Certified Saddle Fitter,  having over 250 hours of instruction from the only independent saddle fit course in the US.

Saddle fit is the most important thing for a horse and rider. A well fitting saddle improves communication, allows the horse to move and perform at the highest ability. An ill-fitting saddle hinders communication, causes sore backs, and can even cause lameness and permanent disfigurement to the horse. Having a saddle fitter assist you with purchasing a saddle and yearly maintenance is a great way to make sure you are not unknowingly harming your horse.


Stoppani Saddles offers saddle fitting, saddle consignment, and new saddle sales for the English disciplined riders including Hunter/Jumpers, Equitation, 3 Day Eventing, Hunter Under Saddle, and Dressage.



***If you’ve made a saddle fitting appointment please have a groomed horse and be prepared to ride.****

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